Müllers exists to strengthen the Church to meet the needs of the vulnerable

Local Initiatives

Partnering with local organisations and churches to equip, empower and resource as they reach out into their communities.

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Muller's Story

George Müller cared for 10,000 orphaned children in Bristol during the Victorian era. He was a man of great faith, never making appeals for money, but simply praying to God for all that was needed. During his lifetime he received £1,500,000 in money and gifts in kind. At present day prices, this would be over £100m.

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Practical Theology Training Course

One of the ways in which Müllers resource local churches is through the Practical Theology course. This course, which has been running for over 20 years, is an opportunity to cultivate deep theological roots, thereby developing more fruitful lives.

  • Introducing the Bible & Methods of Biblical Interpretation
  • An Introduction to the Old Testament
  • New Testament 1: Understanding ‘Faith’ and ‘Works’
  • New Testament 2: How the Church responds to hardship
  • The Methods, Mission and Ministry of Jesus in the Gospels
  • Biblical Worldview: exploring how interpretation forms practice
  • Mission & Culture: Engaging with Contemporary Culture
  • Doctrine & History: how and why the faith was formed, and who did it
  • What is the Church? What the Church is and how it functions
  • The Church in Today’s Culture
  • Kingdom Ministry
  • Discipleship

Throughout the course, we seek to Encounter Jesus, Examine the Bible, Explore Theology, Evaluate Presuppositions and Engage with Culture. 

The course runs on Tuesdays, from 9.15-4pm, from September until June. We try to maintain an academic rigour while being interactive and participative in teaching style. There is also the opportunity to receive an accreditation certificate in Practical Theology at Level 3. The course is free, and open to all, regardless of their prior educational achievement.

For the 2021-2022 course, we hope to meet in person at Loft House in the mornings for live, in-person teaching. The material timetabled for the afternoons will not be taught in person but will be accessed using a range of Blended Learning activities. Students can access this whenever is most convenient for them. In addition to this, there will be tutorial video sessions for students to discuss this material and explore more deeply. 

Student Reviews:

“I am loving the Mullers Practical Theology course. I feel that God is using this study to equip me for years to come. During my gap year, I am finding that the course is helping me to dive deeper both in Bible study and in my relationship with God, helping me to answer the “Why” questions as I explore discipleship. It has given me a much broader understanding and overview of the Bible, equipping and challenging me to interpret controversial texts, giving me a better understanding of biblical genre and context. I have felt much more confident in discussing topics such as women in ministry, the importance of faithfulness over numbers in churches, life after death, and worldly/biblical ethics. It has also become a prayerful and loving community, constantly reminding me that ours is the God of love and hope.” (Chloe, Swindon)