Müllers exists to strengthen the Church to meet the needs of the vulnerable

Global Initiatives

Supporting individuals and organisations, in 52 countries. Müllers is enabling mission and resources people bridging together different church, organisations and individuals.

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Local Initiatives

Partnering with local organisations and churches to equip, empower and resource as they reach out into their communities.

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Prayer Digest

“I believe God has heard my prayers. He will make it manifest in His own good time that He has heard me. I have recorded my petitions that when God has answered them, His name will be glorified.” - George Müller

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About Us

In Bristol in the 1800’s, George Müller cared for 10,000 orphans in Bristol. As well as organising the fine details of that task, he also worked as a pastor, preacher and missionary. 

People all around the world are still inspired by his legacy of faith, prayer and action. 

The vision of George Müller is still alive and active today as we continue to bring Christian hope and wholeness to children and young people. We achieve this through four key areas of work: inspiring faith, nurturing family, strengthening churches and transforming communities. 

The individual should be part of a family, which would ideally be part of a church, which is part of a Community.

We want to Inspire Faith in individual people by telling the story of our founder George Müller. We do this through our interactive museum and by providing quality resources. 
We believe that George Müller’s story is inspiring regardless of whether or not people share his faith-commitments.  His story shows the potential for benefitting society that can result from dedication, hard work and sacrificial choices. We also wish to inspire Christians to trust God more fully and completely for the whole of their lives, as Müller did. Although best-known for his faith that God would provide for the children’s work in the homes, he showed similar faith and trust in God’s provision in his private life too, as his Narrative attests. It is through being inspired to action that hope and wholeness can be brought to children and young people.

We believe that all individuals should be part of a family. Family ought to be where children and young people experience the loving relationships, stability and security that they need to thrive. 

We recognise that people’s experiences of family and home life differ greatly, both in our own culture and in the many different cultures we are working in, but we nevertheless remain committed to the belief that every child deserves a loving family. Whether in Bristol, other parts of the UK, or around the world, we believe that family is of foundational importance for children to receive hope and wholeness.

It says in the Psalms that God sets the lonely in families (Ps 68:6), and throughout Scripture there is a breadth to the concept of family that pushes against the contemporary Western tendency to flatten it to “parents and children”. We believe that the Christian faith unites people from all over the globe in to a family and that ‘when one member suffers, all members suffer together’ (1 Cor 12:27).

As individuals thrive best as part of a family, so we believe that the integrity of the family should be strengthened and encouraged by the local Church. This can happen through practical means like toddler groups, community cafés, parenting courses, and links with a local school.

However, because we wish to bring specifically Christian hope and wholeness to children and young people, we also believe that the church is uniquely placed to offer spiritual resources to both individuals and families that will strengthen them in their important role. These include worship, prayer, hearing the Word of God in Scripture, and evangelism. To help churches in this vital task, we partner with local congregations both prayerfully and practically, enabling them to serve their communities.

We partner with individuals, churches and charities that are working to transform communities all over the world through initiatives that seek to challenge injustice, alleviate poverty, plant churches, and provide education, healthcare, housing, water and sanitation. 

For over 150 years we have responded to the biblical mandate to ‘care for orphans and widows in their distress’ (James 1:27), and it remains a significant part of our worldwide ministry.

Our aim is that children and young people can belong to a community that is free from war, poverty and injustice, enabling them to fulfil their God-given potential. 

We believe that it is not possible to help a child or young person in isolation. Müllers relies on two things for all that it does: the gracious provision of God for the work, which comes through the generous donations of countless individuals. As the power of God is the spiritual fuel that powers our mission, so the work of SKI is the hidden human mechanism that facilitates it. Our vision is one in which individuals, families, churches and even whole communities are able to support children and young people from all walks of life in realising their full potential. We are convinced that prayer works and actions matter, so we will not stop until children and young people all around the world experience Christian hope and wholeness.