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Muller's Story

George Müller cared for 10,000 orphaned children in Bristol during the Victorian era. He was a man of great faith, never making appeals for money, but simply praying to God for all that was needed. During his lifetime he received £1,500,000 in money and gifts in kind. At present day prices, this would be over £100m.

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Teachers' Resources

George Müller was a Christian and the founder of the Müller Ashley Down Orphanages in Bristol. He looked after more than 10,000 orphans in his lifetime, from 1805-1898. 

The following resources are available to facilitate the teaching of George Müller in the classroom, covering both history and religious education.

Teaching about George Müller

Two options for teaching about George Müller including some ideas for activities:


Visit the museum for an interactive experience of George Müller’s life and work.

Follow up lesson about the life and work of George Müller – choose from some of the suggested activities below or use your own!


One or two lessons focussing on the life and work of George Müller – choose from some of the suggested activities

Lesson ideas and suggested activities are available for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. 

Key Stage 1 focuses on AMV UNIT 6 - How should we live our lives? and ‘significant historical events, people and places in their own locality’.

Key Stage 2 focuses on AMV UNIT 9 - How should we live and who can inspire us? 

Resources Available

Schools Booklet and supporting webpage-George Müller And His 10,000 Children 

Our new booklet 'George Müller and his 10,000 children', includes a short comic, diary entries and a newspaper article. It is a FREE* resource, designed for children in key stage 2. The booklet comes alongside a new webpage which has more information, videos and photos for children to explore. We would love to provide you with a FREE* booklet for every child in your class. To order your booklets please contact us here, stating how many booklets and where you would like them to be sent to. 
*Free Booklets and Postage is open to Schools in the UK. We are very happy to provide booklets for others but may ask for a contribution and will ask you to meet the postage and packing charges.

- Charlotte Hill: first orphan admission record

- Ruth Warren: orphan records - she left Ashley Down to be a maid at 7 Cotham Park, Bristol, which is now our charity office

- Samuel Barriball: orphan records and his story

  • Daily Routine of the Orphans at Ashley Down
  • PowerPoint - 20 Key Historical Photographs of George Muller's Ashley Down Orphanage. More photos are available in our gallery.
  • PowerPoint - Setting out George Müller’s Story
  • Interactive timeline and videos
  • Worksheet for Years 4-6 for use at the museum
  • Volunteer available to visit schools and tell the George Müller story, FREE
  • FREE Museum visit to 7 Cotham Park, Cotham, Bristol, BS6 6DA - interactive experience including a short talk, 'Question and Answer' time, opportunities to explore artefacts. 

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Please get in touch with us and let us know if you have or are going to teach about George Müller. We'd love to be able to know where and how these resources are being used and to answer any further questions which you may have. 

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