Müllers exists to strengthen the Church to meet the needs of the vulnerable

Muller's Story

George Müller cared for 10,000 orphaned children in Bristol during the Victorian era. He was a man of great faith, never making appeals for money, but simply praying to God for all that was needed. During his lifetime he received £1,500,000 in money and gifts in kind. At present day prices, this would be over £100m.

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School Visits

In line with government guidance, the Museum is currently closed to visits. However we are OPEN for online lessons, delivered via video conferencing software to your classroom. Lessons last about an hour and include a presentation of the story of George Müller and his 10,000 orphans, a taste of orphan life and some activities. Please get in touch to find out more:  liz.ogborne@mullers.org

We welcome pupils from all Key Stages and Post-16 at our new, interactive museum. Our workshops are free of charge and cover elements of the RE and History curricula. Our workshops enrich pupils’ learning around the story of Müller and his 10,000 orphans, providing an insight into what life was like for poor children in Victorian Bristol.

To arrange a School Visit please either fill out our contact form or give us a call on 0117 924 5001.

What to Expect

  • workshops last around 75 minutes
  • a visual presentation of the life of George Müller and his work caring for and educating 10,000 orphans in Victorian Bristol including a look at some of our amazing archive of photos of the orphans’ lives
  • opportunity to handle some original artefacts
  • time to explore the museum which includes photographs, original artefacts and interactive screens
  • we provide clipboards, worksheets and pencils
  • Key Stage 2 pupils will receive a copy of our booklet ‘George Müller and His 10,000 Children’
  • we are happy to tailor workshops to the needs/interests of the class.
  • we can host two classes of approx. 30 pupils at a time - it is possible to bring more than two classes, staggering visits across a morning or afternoon
  • a member of our team will be on hand to answer any questions that the children may have throughout their visit

The school remains responsible for the supervision and care of the children during the visit, through the instruction of their class teacher and school helpers.

To arrange a school visit please email admin@mullers.org or call Liz Ogborne on 0117 9245001. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form.

School Outreach Visits

We would encourage visits to our museum, but we can bring the story of George Müller to your school, either in a classroom setting, or as an assembly. We would need facilities for a visual presentation, and we have some photographs and artefacts that we can bring to illustrate the story, including original orphan uniforms. Please contact us as above.

Teaching Resources

We have a range of teaching resources and lesson ideas available which are free of charge and can be downloaded from our website. 

Additional Resources

We are more than happy to supply additional resources (where available) for you to use in your school. Please contact us with any specific requests that you have.