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“I believe God has heard my prayers. He will make it manifest in His own good time that He has heard me. I have recorded my petitions that when God has answered them, His name will be glorified.” - George Müller

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Our Global Partners

We are partnering with individuals and organisations in 43 different countries continuing the international aspect of the work that George Müller founded through SKI (Scriptural Knowledge Institute) in 1834. 

Müllers is now helping in the care of more orphans each day than could be housed in the Ashley Down Homes which George Müller built, through Orphans of the World. Orphan care through Müllers has now spanned 3 centuries, from the 19th, through the 20th and into the 21st Century.

Our partners are located around the world and we particularly take great joy in being able to join with them in prayer. Here are a selection of the countries we are partnering with across 6 continents.



Burundi:  Microfinance Scheme

Egypt:  Church Leader

Ivory Coast:  Orphanage

Kenya:  Orphanage; Microfinance Scheme

Madagascar:  Home for Abandoned Children

Malawi: Feeding Programme for Orphans and Widows 

Morocco:  Outreach to Ethnic communities

Mozambique:  Care of Orphans

Niger:  Care of Orphans

Reunion: Evangelist

Rwanda: Feeding Programme for Orphans and Widows 

South Africa:  Community Aid; Evangelist

Tanzania:  Bible School Teacher

Togo:  Orphanage; Church Leader

Uganda:  Orphanages

Zambia:  Orphanages

Zimbabwe: Rehabilitation of Offenders

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Cambodia:  Church Leader

India:  Orphanages; Care for Widows; Care for Dalits; Evangelists

Israel:  Home for the Blind

Malaysia:  School Teacher/Evangelist

Mongolia:  CPD for Teachers/Evangelists

Nepal:  Care of Orphans

Philippines:  Care of Orphans

Sri Lanka:  Care of Orphaned and Abandoned Children

Thailand:  Orphanage; Microfinance Scheme

Turkey:  Outreach to Ethnic Communities

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North America

USA:  Church Leader; YWAM educator

Mexico - Missionaries

Nicaragua - Christian School

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South America

Argentina:  Worship Leader

Brazil:  Outreach to Students; Evangelists

Colombia:  Church Leader/Planter

Peru:  Orphanage; Cleft Palate Clinic; Care of Abandoned Children; Evangelists; Church Leader

Venezuela:  Care of Orphans

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UK: Evangelists, Church Leaders

France: Church Planters, Alpha

Spain: Evangelists

Portugal: Evangelists

Italy: Evangelists

Albania: Care of Widows and Abandoned Children

Romania: Evangelist and Social Care

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Papua New Guinea:  Care of Orphans and Widows

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