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Thought for February 2020

“If by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live.” (Rom 8:13)

Paul holds in one phrase what it is so easy to set as mutually exclusive opposites: the

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Prayer Digest

“I believe God has heard my prayers. He will make it manifest in His own good time that He has heard me. I have recorded my petitions that when God has answered them, His name will be glorified.” - George Müller

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Orphans of the World

Müllers is partnering in the gospel, building relationships and supporting our recipients through prayer and financially.

The Orphans of the World initiative has grown through SKI, and is now helping to support more orphans of the world today than Müller’s original orphanages did. Müllers seeks to glorify God by praying for our gospel-partners as they work, with our support, to bring wholeness of life around the world.

Financial support is offered through targeted grants and microfinance. A hand up rather than a hand out, one of the ways of helping poor people to help themselves, especially for poor women who are caring for needy children and need to generate income for their families. Help a poor woman to buy a simple fishing boat, a goat or a cow and you feed her and her needy children for generations to come, as well as enriching the community. It has been wonderful to have testimonies of families and whole communities who have been reached with the gospel through community care. 

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Please note that we are not a general grant-making organisation and do not accept grant applications.