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As we anticipate our move into one of the original orphan homes in Ashley Down, we are excited to announce the appointment of Liz Ogborne as Museum Coordinator. Liz will oversee our brand-new museum - a fantastic, contemporary space featuring new installations and original artefacts. Liz will be tasked with developing this brilliant resource in such a way that enables many more people, including school children, to be inspired by the story of George Müller.

Liz’s background is in teaching and training. We asked her a few questions as she begins her role as Museum Coordinator:

What inspires you about the George Müller story?
I’ve been a member of Alma Church (formerly Bethesda Chapel – founded by George Müller), since 1992 so his story has been familiar to me for many years. We’ve celebrated our incredibly rich spiritual heritage in various ways including using Müller’s story and prayers during one of our 24/7 Prayer weeks – he is still inspiring us today!  But Müller’s story is not just for Alma – it’s for the whole city of Bristol and the world. It is incredible that Müller altered the course of so many children’s lives – both boys and girls - in such a positive and redemptive way. I genuinely believe that the new museum and the story it tells will inspire a whole new generation to faith, mission and justice. 

What excites you about your new role?
I’m really excited to move into the new museum space and to invite members of the public and the thousands of school students in our city to visit. Stories are so powerful because they are memorable and meaningful, and they tap into our emotions. My hope is that all our visitors will enjoy the new museum space, discover more about the history of this city and be inspired by George Müller’s faith and compassion. 

Liz will be working as Museum Coordinator from Wed – Fri.  She also works part-time for Bristol Schools Connection and is on the oversight team for Prayer Spaces in Schools.


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