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Pancakes in your Community?


We love to hear about how our partners are working with their communities. Last year it was a joy to be able to pray for Mustard Tree Community Church as they ran an event centred around Pancakes for their local community and rejoice with them for how well it was received. With Shrove Tuesday just around the corner, we thought we'd share their experience as it may prove to be a model that would work well in communities across Bristol.


The pancake event aims to bless families and initiate conversations with them about what the church is doing in the area as well as what the families feel is needed in their community. At the event, children and their families enjoy a relaxed cafe atmosphere where they can enjoy pancakes, crafts and games.


Children and families will hear about the pancake event through a school assembly and the school's email newsletter. Vouchers are made available in the local school and are also included in the church's newsletter, which is distributed to the community prior to the event, meaning families have an easy way of enjoying the event for free as well as finding out what else the church is doing in their area.


This event is an amazing opportunity for the local community to 'taste and see that the Lord is good'!


We'd love to hear about outreach events your Church or Organisation is running during Lent or over the Easter period. Get in touch.



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