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Introducing Dan...


We're pleased to welcome Dan Doherty to the staff team at Müllers. We're excited to get to know him over the coming months, here are a couple of questions that he answered as a starting point. 

What is your role? 

Charity Team Leader – a new role focussing on managing the small (but mighty!) staff team here at Müllers, working with the Trustees on strategy, and managing projects. 

What are you looking forward to most?

I’m looking forward to getting to know the staff team and trustees better and learning more about the work of Müllers in the present day, but I’m most looking forward to finding ways of clarifying our mission and communicating that more effectively. 

What has inspired you most about George Müller's story?

This has varied over the years, but right now I’m struck by George Muller’s absolute surrender to God: 

‘In July 1829 … I gave myself fully to the Lord. Honour, pleasure, money, my physical powers, my mental powers, all was laid down at the feet of Jesus, and I became a great lover of the Word of God. I found my all in God…’

My guess is that George Müller would not have been able to achieve what he did for the Kingdom of God without first submitting himself totally to God. What things of God might we be missing out on by holding on to our own desires, habits, pride, and possessions?


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