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An Introduction to our New Chair


Stewart North, our new Chair of Trustees, took a few moments to share about the ongoing work of Müllers and himself. As reported last month Rob Scott-Cook passed on the baton after serving the Trust for 33 years. 


1) When did you first become involved with Müllers and why? 

I first became involved in Müllers in September 1997 when I started working as Assistant Coordinator at Bristol International Student Centre (BISC) and I decided to do the Müllers Practical Theology training course. The course was important for shaping me, and it was an inspiring and encouraging, as I was starting out in Christian ministry.

2) You came to Bristol in the mid 90s to study at university. What have you been doing since you graduated? 

I arrived in Bristol in 1992 and worked at Hewlett Packard for a year before doing my Digital Systems Engineering degree at UWE until July 1996. I then did a year team with BISC and then worked for two years as assistant coordinator. Then in July 1999, I started working full time for Ebenezer Church (www.ebe.org.uk) initially with responsibility for the worship life of the church and student work. Over the years, I have moved into being one of the key leaders of the church and involved in setting up a number of charities in the city including Bristol Noise (www.thenoise.org.uk) and North Bristol Foodbank (www.northbristol.foodbank.org.uk), both of which I am still involved in helping run. In 2001, I got married to Sarah and we have Daniel who is 13 and Hannah who is 10.

3)      What do you find most inspiring about George Müller’s life and work? 

George Müller was a visionary who saw and caught God’s heart for the most vulnerable in the city of Bristol. He lived life with a culture of prayer and unshakeable faith in God to always provide. George Müller accomplished so much through his persistence in prayer and action; he not only served thousands of orphans in Bristol in his own lifetime but left a legacy that still is impacting and re-envisioning people today, both in Bristol and throughout the world. Alongside all that he was committed to serving the local church and his own family.

4)  What do you see as Müllers’ role in the 21st Century? 

Simply to bring George Müller’s vision and legacy into the 21st Century and see lives holistically changed in Bristol and throughout the world, through direct work and partnership with churches and organisations with the same vision and values.

5) How does what Müllers is doing today have continuity with what George Müller began in the 1800s? 

Through partnership in prayer with individuals and organisations across the globe, Müllers is standing alongside those directly working with orphans in the 21st Century. Here in Bristol, our vision for reaching ‘Spiritual Orphans’ in partnership with local churches continues to be shaped and build momentum. We have an opportunity to encourage and resource the local church in many different ways to reach a whole generation of unchurched children and young people. The vision is huge but focused. George Muller was about leaving a legacy and I guess my heart resonates with what someone once said - ‘I want my generation’s spiritual ceiling to be the next generation’s floor’ or as the psalmist writes in Psalm 145:3 - "One generation commends Your works to another; they tell of Your mighty acts."

6) What role will the wider board of Trustees play going forward? 

The wider board of Trustees brings many different giftings and a wide range of experience that help us to serve as a team. I’m privileged to work alongside people who also own the same vision, and I’m profoundly grateful for those who have served before on the Trustee boards and encouraged and released me into this work here.

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