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An Interview with Rob Scott-Cook


Rob Scott-Cook has served the charity for many years in a variety of different roles. We seized the opportunity to ask him about his experiences with the Trust over that time. 

When did you first become involved with Müllers?

About 33 years ago

You have seen a lot of changes over the years, what are some of the highlights over the years?

Müllers local work began with large institutional residential care for orphans at Ashley Down, then became smaller scattered homes, then community based Day Care and Family Centres and now local church partnerships reaching out to children and families in the community and developing the Spiritual Orphans initiative to reach a whole generation of unchurched local children and youth. The overseas work began as support for missionaries and has now grown significantly into Orphans of the World helping to care for far more needy children around the world than in the days of George Müller. It is always challenging to see a long established work change to meet current urgent needs, but it is now wonderful to see such a clear vision for the coming years and such a remarkable team of trustees and staff committed to that vision and seeing God’s gracious provision.

Can you share one or two situations where through prayer God miraculously provided for Müllers, during your time there?

In my early days at Muller House, I spent the night in prayer for God’s provision and confirmation of the next steps for the work and it has been wonderful to see His answer to prayer. God provided one of the largest gifts that had ever come into the work. Another was praying for God’s provision for a very specific area of child care work and needing an answer in 14 days and receiving a letter on the 14th day with a gift that had been given long before for this particular area of work and sufficient to fully cover it.

What is one of your favourite stories from George Müller’s life?

It is about George Müller’s persistence in prayer, as he  began praying in November 1844 for five friends, who were not yet followers of Jesus and how the first became a believer 18 months later, the next after 5 years, the next after 11 years, the next after 25 years, but the final one not until George Muller’s funeral.

In recent months, you have shared about the legacy of prayer that George Müller left, what does that look like?

For Bristol to see increasing partnership in prayer as churches work together to be salt and light in the region and to see the poorest orphans and widows in our world being blessed through partnership in prayer.

What will you continue to pray for Müllers as the work continues?

 It is wonderful to realise that you never retire from praying and I look forward to continuing to pray each day for Müllers.

I will keep praying for that strengthening of faith, encouraging of hope and enabling of love, through local partnerships and the work of Spiritual Orphans reaching a whole generation of unchurched children and youth and through the work among Orphans and Widows of the World.

Transition Announcement

This week at Müllers, Rob Scott-Cook was delighted to pass on the baton as Chair of the Trustees. Rob has served the charity, in a variety of roles, for 33 years. We are grateful for all that Rob has given to the Trust in terms of oversight and, of course, through his faithful prayer support. 

Rob shares, “It is wonderful to realise that you never retire from praying and I look forward to continuing to pray each day for Müllers.”

Stewart North, who is a key leader at Ebenezer Church and Vice-Chair of the Müllers Trustees, will be taking on the role of Chair of the Trustees as Rob passes on the baton. The management of the daily workings of the charity will be divided amongst members of the Trustee board, as we continue to take forward the vision of bringing prayer and care together to transform lives and shape communities.

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