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We Will Remember Them


Looking through our archives I found some photographs from the war years and am reminded of those who gave their lives in the service of our country, but I was also led to think about the impact on so many lives, as the everyday was distorted. At the Ashley Down Orphan Houses, blackouts had to be prepared for over 1,000 large windows. Certain rooms and corridors on the ground floor became emergency dormitories for use when the sirens sounded to warn of another attack. Over the course of the war four out of five of the orphan houses on Ashley Down were requisitioned by the government for various uses, including housing some soldiers. I discovered some pictures of the children at Bristol Zoo with their new friends. Seeing pictures of the orphans trying on their gas masks serves as a poignant reminder that war reaches far and wide.  Today it is a privilege to pause and remember, not just fallen soldiers, but that war is not confined to a battle field, it seeps out into daily life. 


Photo Gallery of pictures from the Ashley Down Orphan Houses during the war.


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