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Welcoming a new Team Member


At the start of March, we welcomed a new member to our staff team, Maddy Stubbs. We asked her a couple of questions as she begins her role as Administrator and Bookkeeper.

Maddy shared:

What inspires you about the George Müller Story?

What inspires me the most about George Müller’s story is his trust in God to meet all his needs in God’s time. He maintained this conviction throughout his life, highlighted by his faith that God would provide the provisions for the many orphans under his care and would lift the fog to ensure that they could arrive in Quebec as planned. This was the motivation behind creating the Orphan Homes, his desire was to prove that ‘God is faithful still and hears prayer still’, a notion that sometimes gets forgotten in the modern world.

What excites you about your new role?

I am thrilled to be working to strengthen the church to meet the needs of the vulnerable and I think that it will be an opportunity for me to me to grow in my faith. I enjoy keeping everything organised and running smoothly. I am excited to visit the museum and learn more about Müller’s story and be involved in sharing it with visitors when we reopen. I am also looking forward to learning more about the work of the partners that Müllers supports.  


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