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Change in Chair of Trustees at Müllers


Stewart North has stepped down from being the chair of Trustees for Müllers after just over three years in the role. During this time, he has overseen the move of Müllers to its new premises on the original Ashley Down site and led the board with great skill. 

As many may well know, Stewart is performing very significant roles in Bristol as the chair of the Noise and the North Bristol Foodbank as well as having a senior leadership role at Ebe. At this very difficult and challenging time, these have understandably been a priority for him, and he has felt the need to hand over the important role of chair of the Müllers board. We are delighted, however, that he will continue on the board as vice-chair. We are extremely grateful to Stewart for being chairman and for the grace and skill he has brought into the role over this time.

We are pleased to announce that Derek Powell (pictured), who is also on the senior leadership team at Ebe, has been appointed by the board to succeed Stewart. Derek has served as a trustee of Müllers for five years and is very well placed to take over. He will bring his great enthusiasm for Müllers and skills to bear and to take Müllers forward.

Statement from incoming Chair of Trustees

I consider it a real privilege to have this opportunity to chair Müllers. My time with the charity as a trustee has served to increase my commitment to and passion for what we do in Bristol and beyond. I see our mission to “strengthen the Church to meet the needs of the vulnerable” as wholly in keeping with our roots and remaining faithful to the aims which George Muller adopted himself.

Having been in Bristol now for over 20 years, and having been in church leadership in different contexts, I can see the wonderful part that both Müllers and the church play in making Bristol a ‘city of hope’. I have a heart for partnership working and I know that working together with others will enable people to see for themselves that God is loving and generous.

I love the story we have to tell concerning faith, prayer and action. This is a story and an example of what is still needed today and for the future – an implicit trust in God to meet our needs and most particularly the needs of the vulnerable today. I am delighted that we have a museum on the site of the original Orphan Homes which expressly retells a historical story which has current relevance - a Bristol story with global impact.

Being a church leader, I believe that I see the ‘other side of the coin’. I see for myself how a local church can benefit from all that Müllers offers – whether that is a sense of support, inspiration, training, equipping or networking with others. 

I am grateful for the fantastic team that we have – staff, trustees and volunteers. Together we are continuing the work of a charity that was established in 1834! I am excited at what lies ahead of us.


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