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Covid19 Impact - Send a Cow and the Ugandan Orphan Project


We've been supporting Send a Cow and the Ugandan Orphan Project for the last few years. Receiving this update has helped fuel our prayers, particularly as they respond to Covid19.

Uganda is in lock-down which has limited the staff teams ability to visit communities. They have been communicating with community leaders and peer farmers to share important messages on appropriate ways to social distance and practise safe hygiene including hand washing (see image) to limit the risk of spread of the virus. The Uganda Orphan Project is on the Uganda Tanzania Mutukula border where there is heightened tension due to a number of new cases of coronavirus coming from truck drivers from Tanzania.

In addition to the longer-term health risks from the virus, families are worried about future food insecurity, famine and loss of ways of earning income. Following one of the wettest rainy seasons in East Africa for decades, rapid locust breeding has led to fear of further locust swarms and the devastation that would cause.

The families in the Uganda Orphan project are growing potatoes, cassava, maize, vegetables and beans for food security, and coffee, tomatoes, green pepper and soya for commercial purposes. All school going individuals at all levels of education have returned home, often from urban areas. This means that the number of household members has increased and in turn, this causes greater challenges to feed the family.

Please pray for:

  • Families as they apply the skills they have learnt to their land, that their crops will grow successfully and they will have food to eat
  • For peace at community and household levels due to the heightened fear, the risks associated with being close to the border and increased household and food pressures
  • For protection of rural communities and families from the virus and also the impacts of climate change, especially the recent floods and threat of locusts
  • For the Send a Cow staff as they communicate with community leaders to share knowledge and advice, initially through mobile. They hope to be able to visit soon and are devising safe ways to do this in accordance with government guidelines and wearing PPE


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