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George Müller Praying for Unbelieving Friends


In November 1844 George Müller began to pray for the conversion of five individuals. He prayed every day without one single intermission, whether sick or in health, on the land or the sea, and whatever the pressure of his engagements might have been. Eighteen months elapsed before the first of the five was converted. He thanked God and prayed on for the others. Five years passed, and then the second was converted. He thanked God and prayed on for the other three. Day by day, he continued to pray for them and six more years passed before the third was converted. He thanked God for the three and went on praying for the other two. These two remained unconverted. The man to whom God in the riches of His grace had given tens of thousands of answers to prayer, in the same day or hour in which they were offered, went on praying day by day for nearly 36 years for the conversion of these two individuals, and yet they remained unconverted. George Müller put his hope in God, prayed on and continued to seek the answer. He encouraged others to go on waiting upon God to go on praying, only being sure that they are asking for things that are according to the mind of God. "Go on praying, expect an answer, look for it, and in the end, you will have to praise God for it". Of the two individuals still unconverted when George Müller gave this illustration in a sermon, both became Christians in the following years.

Who you could you pray for, and how could you show God's love by caring for them?

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus - 21st May to 31st May 2020. 

During the 11 days of Thy Kingdom Come, it is hoped that everyone who takes part will:

  • Deepen their own relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Pray for 5 friends or family to come to faith in Jesus 
  • Pray for the empowerment of the Spirit that we would be effective in our witness

Resources available include a prayer journal and Digital Family Prayer Adventure App. 


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