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Covid19 Impact - India Report from Dave Cheeseman


Bringing food, hope, and face masks amid Covid 19 lockdowns

Our friend Dave Cheesman sent us this report on the impact of Covid-19 in India:

I work with Christian schools across India, most of which are educating the poorest children, mainly from the Dalit caste. In the media, we have seen the impact of India’s lockdown, where thousands of people have migrated back to their rural villages from the big cities.

The majority of India’s vast population live rurally, and many of them are day wage earners. With lockdown in place, their income has stopped, and they are relying on meagre savings. Many are now starting to use the precious money saved for dowries.

Services generally in these areas are few and far between. We see huge feeding programmes in the cities, but the villages are not receiving the same support.

The Christian schools have been responding to this need in two key ways. They are practically mobilising themselves delivering food packets, masks and increasing their message, of hope through social media broadcasts about Jesus.

I am in weekly contact with schools and teachers and have been able to work with Life Association (www.lifeassociation.co.uk) to help re-think youth provision whilst schools are shutdown. The charity is also supporting the schools in cooking and distributing food packets to the most needy.

Join us in praying for this work and if you would like more information then please contact us.

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