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Müllers Response to Coronavirus


Although our lives have significantly and suddenly changed, our God has not and neither has the mission of Müllers as we continue to pursue “bringing Christian hope and wholeness to children and young people.”

The words and life of Müller continue to be an inspiration at this time. When dealing with the threat of diseases like Scarlet fever and whooping cough, his response was: “to take all the necessary precautions with regard to the spread of the disease, and to use the needed remedies; yet our chief and universal remedy, prayer and faith was again resorted to. We trusted in God, and betook ourselves to Him, and we were not confounded.”

Therefore, we are calling the Church to prayer and action at this time, and we ask you to lift before God these significant needs and our efforts as we seek to serve Him in this new landscape. In the coming weeks Müllers commits to;

Praying for this pandemic. Every morning the Müllers team will be praying at 9:30 for the vulnerable and the weak, for the work of our SKI partners, the Church’s response and a swift decline in the rate of infection. Please consider joining us in prayer each day for these matters, for God’s name to be glorified and for people to turn to him during this crisis.

Feeding the hungry. With many families experiencing a sudden and significant drop in income due to furloughing or disruption in accessing benefits, more people are facing food poverty. In turn, the reliance on foodbanks has greatly increased. At Müllers we are administrating the finances of the Bristol City Churches fund, who are enacting a new initiative to provide donations for local foodbanks to ensure stocks are sufficient. (Visit www.churchescityfund.org for more info). Please pray for the hungry to be fed and the resources to be provided.

Caring for at-risk children. We are supporting Bristol City Council’s urgent appeal for emergency foster carers, in partnership with Home for Good, enabling vulnerable young people to have a loving home. We are encouraging and enabling individuals within the Church to prayerfully consider providing an alternative placement as existing vulnerable carers self-isolate. (Visit www.homeforgood.org.uk/bristol-response for more info.) Please pray for placements to be found and protection for the children involved.

Donating to global partners. We have the privilege of having strong relationships with many partners who are caring for the vulnerable around the world. We will be prayerfully and sacrificially giving from our own funds to those who are looking to bring Christian hope and wholeness to those in the most desperate of situations. Please pray for God to provide the finances for us to steward as he sees fit.

Resourcing the Church’s work with young people. Many questions are being asked on how to pioneer community, pastoral care, outreach and discipleship to children and young people in an isolating world. We are partnering with youthwork organisations and children’s ministries to help resource and support youth and children’s workers across the UK. Please join us in praying for those who minister to young people to find innovative and effective ways of supporting and leading them closer to Jesus.

Thank you for joining us in prayer and action to bring Christian hope and wholeness to children and young people.


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