Müllers exists to strengthen the Church to meet the needs of the vulnerable
  • Legacies and Wills

Global Initiatives

Supporting individuals and organisations, in 52 countries. Müllers is enabling mission and resources people bridging together different church, organisations and individuals.

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Local Initiatives

Partnering with local organisations and churches to equip, empower and resource as they reach out into their communities.

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Legacies and Wills

Many of our supporters leave a legacy through their enduring support of the charity over many years through prayer and recounting the story of George Müller to those around them. The gift of a financial legacy is another way to make a difference.

You may be surprised to read that only around one in four adults make a Will and that if you are without family and haven't made a Will, all or part of your estate will pass to the Crown. 

If you are considering leaving a legacy there is some useful information below, including some suggested wording. 

Useful Documents and Links

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If you'd like to find out more about leaving a legacy to The George Müller Charitable Trust or are an executor for an estate that includes the Trust and require more information please contact us.