Müllers exists to strengthen the Church to meet the needs of the vulnerable
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Scriptural Knowledge Institution

By the end of February 1835, SKI was supporting five Day-schools – two for boys and three for girls. The schools did not receive any government support and only accepted voluntary gifts, in the same way Müller had decided to live. 

During Müllers life, SKI primarily supported the Müller orphanages, and the distribution of about 285,407 Bibles, 1,459,506 New Testaments, and 244,351 other religious texts, which were translated into twenty other languages.

The money was additionally used to support other "faith missionaries" around the world. One such missionary was James Hudson Taylor, who had been inspired by Müller’s example. He came to visit Müller at Ashley Down in 1865 to ask for prayer and advice. Müller promised continued prayer and, through SKI, was able to give practical support to the missionary work of Hudson-Taylor’s China Inland Mission.

By the time of Müller's death, SKI had received and distributed gifts totalling £1,381,171 (approx. £90 million in today's terms). The work of SKI continues with the same purposes to this day, as part of the charity's work. Find out more

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