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Müller's time in Devon

George Müller moved from Exmouth to Teignmouth and preached several times for Henry Craik. Originally some members of Ebenezer Chapel were opposed to his preaching, though a few welcomed the fresh words of God. After several weeks, those in opposition had left the congregation, and Müller himself wrote of how “…the whole little church, eighteen in number, unanimously gave me an invitation to become their pastor".

Müller became the minister of Ebenezer Chapel, on a salary of £55 per annum. It was his intention to go from place to place preaching, so he also regularly preached in many surrounding towns and villages.

In October 1830, Müller decided to take a series of steps of faith. He chose not to take his salary any longer, as he felt it could lead to church members giving out of duty rather than desire. Instead he only accepted voluntary gifts from those that wanted to support him. He also eliminated the renting of church pews from the chapel, as it gave unfair prestige to those who could afford the best seats (based primarily on the bible passage from James 2:1–9).

Simultaneously, Müller decided that he would never again ask others to help him financially, a choice he described as more difficult than giving up his salary. His reason for doing this was to avoid “going to man, instead of going to the Lord at once.”

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